27 December 2011

14th April 1966

RD 302 52n 15w 0945 F130 Shannon 1052 unable to raise Shannon on VHF

Airlift International DC-7C(F), N302G
This aircraft was previously with Shannon Air as EI-ANM

VV 37892 52.30n 20w 1118 F110 52.42n 15w 1228 overhead Shannon 1343 CML/Clonmel fan marker 1417

[Photo: © free from Lockheed Constellation Military collection]

U S Navy WC-121N, with VW-4, Roosevelt Roads, 137892

VV 45929 50n 02w 1118 F060 48.15n 08w 1244 47.45n 10w 1309

U S Navy WC-121N, 145929 [A good day for 'weather' Connie's!]

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