1 December 2011

16th August 1964

VC 10000 58n 10w 1338 F145 climbing F160 61n 16w 1648 ETA BIKF/Keflavik 1800

Royal Canadian Air Force C-5, tail number 10000.

The aircraft was delivered to the RCAF on July 29, 1950, s/n 17524. The s/n was changed to 10000 on February 17, 1951. The aircraft was specially outfitted for the transportation of VIPs and was used to transport the Canadian Prime Minister, the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and numerous other dignitaries on various high profile missions. It spent all of its service with No.412 (Transport) Squadron, Air Transport Command, based at RCAF Station Rockcliffe, Ontario, Canada (August 1950-August 1955) and RCAF Station Uplands, Ontario (September 1955-April 1966). It served faithfully for 17 years before being retired and sold in the US and registered N17599. The aircraft was withdrawn from use and scrapped at Long Beach, California, USA.

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  1. A recent examination of the original ATC logs from Prestwick, confirms that this flight arrived from EDAL/Sollingen and later departed Prestwick for Keflavik, with 15 POB.