24 December 2011

21st March 1966

Winter Express C687 53n 20w 1426 F180 52n 30w 1536 ETA Fredericton 2030 temp -22C wind at 54n 17w 260/30

RCAF C-130/Yukon (?) operating as part of NATO exercise 'Winter Express'.
This exercise ran during February/March 1966 in Northern Norway and involved 3,500 troops from Canada, UK and Italy. The RAF provided Hawker Hunter's (based in Andoya), the Royal Netherland Air Force provided F-84's and the USAF, F-100D's (both of these forces based in Bodo).
The Canadian troops were airlifted from Fredericton, New Brunswick by Yukon's and CC-130's, which flew non-stop to Sola, Norway.

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