2 December 2011

4th February 1965

AZ 555 21n 45w 2239 F330 ETA Lisbon 0300 SelCal FKCD

Alitalia DC-8-40, I-DIWB The scheduled flight from Caracas to Rome via Lisbon.

F-CK 45n 08w 2155 F410 French coast 2235

French Air Force C-135F, 312739/CK

VVV 41316 61.39n 14.50w 2206 F070 61n 13w 2230

U S Navy EC-121K, 141316 [Photo: the said machine departing Prestwick © Ken Marshall via Neil Aird]


  1. Hi Colin,

    I'm curious about the serial you list for the French tanker. I believe F-UKCK was/is 63-13739 (it only displays '739' on the aircraft).
    It was delivered in June 1964 - so a pretty new machine at that time. Gerry

  2. Thanks Gerry,
    Unusually for the French Air Force, they seem to display part of the serial number rather than the c/n, (which in this case is 18699) on their -135's. For example, the 'last five' i.e. 12739, is shown on the above 06/1986 image (just uploaded, it's the one in the background at d'Istres), coded 'CK'.
    Indeed, I have an earlier entry in my log for this machine (13/10/64) at 47n 08w 1064 F390 CGC/Cognac 1642.