26 February 2012

23rd November 1968

N6735Y 53n 30w 0703 F110 53n 25w 0800 53n 20w 0857 53n 15w 0950 destination Shannon

Piper PA-23-250 Aztec 'D', N6735Y on delivery. Noted at London, Heathrow later the same day (23rd).

F-RAPL departed Evreux, France 50.37n 10w 0857 F080 51.17n 15w 1001 51.50n 25w 1158, destination Gander.

French Air Force DC-6B, 45473/PL. In December 1977 it was registered N72534 with Texas Turbo Jet Inc'. In 1981 it was withdrawn from use and stored at Paris, Le Bourget and subsequently broken up but the nose section was preserved.

HOMEY 76 62.17n 34.13w 0850 F110 63n 30w 0925 BRAVO next, destination Keflavik NAS
[later that day on the return leg, with the same call-sign...]
departed Keflavik 1200 F100 BRAVO 1250 ETA Otis AFB 2330

A USAF EC-121 Warning Star from 551st Airborne Early Warning and Control Wing, Otis AFB, MA. The call-sign for the 551 AEW&CW was "HOMEY"; frequently monitored on HF for such missions in and out of Iceland during this period.

RFR MBZQK departed EGXW/RAF Waddington 1122 57n 10w 1221 F430 58n 20w 1308 ETA CYYR/Goose Bay 1618

Royal Air Force Vulcan on deployment to Canada.

KITTY 1 departed BGSF/Sondre Stromfjord 1058 F150 66n 40w 1220 ETA Reykjavik 1445, copy to BOAC London

Royal Air Force Queens Flight [type? H.S. Andover?]

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