6 March 2012

22nd December 1968

VV 52183 66n 10w 1657 F240 65.30n 13w 1708 EG/Egilsstadir 1716 EL/Ellidavatn next, destination Keflavik NAS

US Navy P-3A from VP-44 Squadron, 152183

4X-FPZ departed Marseille, ETA Paris/Le Bourget 1850

[Photo: taken at London/Gatwick, © APN/P.Keating] 

Israeli Defence Force Boeing 377M, 4X-FPZ/096 "Yoofat".
This flight tried to raise Paris on 5626 for one hour and eventually his report was relayed via Iceland.
This machine was re-registered from 4X-FOD and struck off charge on 1st October 1973 and used for spares for 4X-FPW/015, which in turn was struck off charge on 1st December 1975

MAC 21082 44.23n 35w 1819 8,000' descending to 6,000' in severe clear air turbulence, 44.05n 40w 1935. Position report relayed via QF530

USAF C-124C Globemaster, 52-1082

N4376F 61.30n 55w 2117 F390 60n 56.30w 2132 Hopedale next.

Falcon 20, N4376F on delivery from PanAm to Sigma Airways. Had departed from Shannon and position report relayed via Sondre Stromfjord.

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