6 May 2012

2nd May 1971

OV-JBU 61n 05.35w 1204 F095 SUM/Sumburgh 1246 ETA EKVL/Vaerlose

Royal Danish Air Force 721 Squadron C-54D, N-625
In January 1978 it was sold to International Air Centre and re-registered 9Q-CBK and the following month changed to 9Q-CAU. It was finally destroyed by fire after over-running the runway whilst landing at Bunia, Zaire on 28th August 1978.

N1302L 63n 34w 1300 F080 61n 40w 1425 destination BGBW/Narssarssuaq, Greenland.

[message relayed via Ocean Station 'A']
{took almost one and a half hours to cover six degrees ! Can anyone advise the type ?}

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