19 June 2012

13th February 1972

DCN 6805 46n 08w 1246 F200 45n 12w 1334 ETA LPLA/Lajes 1745

DCN 6829 46n 08w 1259 F180 45n 12w 1346 destination Lajes, requested F220 if possible. Shanwick advised unable any higher level, maintain F180

Two West German Naval aircraft (types?) enroute to the Azores, copied on 5638

QF 531 EGL/Eagle Island 1252 F330 55n 20w 1342 SelCal EGDM

Quantas B.707-338C, VH-EBS "Kalgoorlie"
After its service with Quantas in March 1973, it was registered 9M-ASO with Malaysian Airlines and finally with Jamahiriya Air Transport as 5A-DJO.
Regrettably it was written off on 14th March 1983 after an engine failure some 30km north of Sebha, Libya with the loss of all five crew. The aircraft crashed and burst into flames.

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