21 June 2012

16th March 1972

OO-SJE departed (?) 2206 FIR 09.40n 13.05e 2357 F350 Kano/N'Djamena FIR (13.05n 10.00e) 0023 ETA EBBR/Brussels 0523, copy to Kano

Sabena B.707-329, OO-SJE, received via Cairo on 8930

[Photo: at Liverpool, UK on 29th June 1968 © Ken Fielding]

Regrettably this aircraft was written-off on the 15th February 1978, following an undershoot at Tenerife-Norte Rodeos Airport. Thankfully there was no loss of life from the 196 occupants but the aircraft was destroyed by the resultant fire.

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