3 June 2012

4th October 1971

FAF 692 57n 10w 1032 F330 59n 15w 1048 SelCal JKAL

French Air Force DC-8F-55, 45692/FB
[See photo and previous entry dated 8th May 1971]

OV-JBU 58.44n 02.15e 1052 F080 climbing F085 61n 05.30w SUM/Sumburgh 1138 outside temp' -8C, wind 010/18, endurance 08+00 ETA Keflavik 1515

Royal Danish Air Force C-54D, N-625
[See previous report dated 2nd May 1971]

WD 523 58n 10w 1128 F310 re-cleared F330 61n 20w 1210 ETA Vancouver 1945 SelCal AMEF

Wardair Canada B.707-311C-H, CF-FAN
[See previous report and image dated 8th May 1971]

CU471 45n 15w 2201 F180 50n 20w 2331

Cubana Britannia 318, CU-T671 [received via Gander on 5624]

[Photo: at Shannon in 1969 © Malcolm Nason]

This machine was reported as having been withdrawn from use in 1983 and subsequently scrapped at Havana in 1997

RFR JJO73 55.40n 00.40w 1220 F085 54.33n 00.00 1235 returning to RAF Topcliffe due low oil pressure

RFR JJO79 54n 00.15e 1231 2,000' climbing F085 54.13n 00.30w 1247 changing to Topcliffe approach

RFR JJO74 54.20n 00.10e 1250 1,000' climbing F085  54.33n 00.40w 1301 changing to Topcliffe approach

RFR JJO72 54n 00.17e 1300 1,000' climbing F085 54.33n 00.40w 1320 changing to Northern Radar

All the above four RAF Varsities (?) were working RAF station MQV-5 on 5671

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