13 June 2012

9th December 1971

LZ-BET 53n 20w 2016 F250 (Ocean Station 'J' asked to keep their beacon on from 1900/2130 for this flight)

[Photo: landing at London, Heathrow 15th February 1978 © Chris Chennell]

Balkan Airlines Il-18, LZ-BET
This aircraft was withdrawn from use at Sofia in the early 1990's.

VV 41325 71n 00 1900 operating between 1,000' and 1,500' 03w 2310 destination Keflavik

[Photo: at Keflavik (Note the HC-97's in the background) © Porir Magnusson]

U S Navy EC-121K, 141325/JB-325 "The Artic Fox" VXN-8 Squadron
This aircraft was operating under 'Project Birdseye' in the North Atlantic, to provide accurate polar ice and environmental data in the Artic, hence it's name. It ended its days at the AMARC, AZ in October 1973 where it was assigned an inventory code of '5C093'.

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