10 November 2012

31st March 1974

F-XCVE 48.30n 12w (12:00 approx') departing F220 to go operational below controlled airspace. Will call again at 15:00
48.30n 12w 15:00 requesting F270 48n 08w 15:55 (copied on 5638)

F-XCWD at 12.30w 1430 descending from F240 to F055 and below, will call again at 19:00

French Navy, Atlantic's on operational duties

KS 17 57n 10w 12:51 F180 61n 20w 14:10 ETA destination 18:28, outside temp' -17°C  TAS 290Kts, wind 220/30, fuel remaining 39,000 lbs

[Photo: departing East Midlands, UK on 8th April 1974 © Carl Ford]

Saturn Airways Inc, L.100-30, N17ST 
Sold to Trans International in December 1976 and then to Transamerica in October 1979. Regrettably it crashed on 27th August 1983 some 50 Km south of Dundo, Angola when it hit a mountain in fog.

VV WJ1L departed Keflavik 13:45 61n 13w 14:50 F210 60n 10w dct STN/Stornoway ETA RAF Northolt 17:30

U S Navy P-3C, 158923/LP-6 with VP-49

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