13 December 2012

18th June 1974

AFB CH010 42n 20w 17:03 F280 40n 25w 17:53 destination Lajes. ETD from Lajes 21:00 and ETA Brussels 19/02:00

Belgian Air Force, C-130H, CH-10

KING 85 orbiting at 38.52n 10w 18:45 routing to Lajes via 38.52n 15w, 39n 20w, BRAVO, BRAVO RADAR, GP at F260. ETA Lajes 21:41. Relay to Ramstein Rescue
38.52n 15w 19:36 F260 39n 20w 20:23

USAF HC-130 providing 'duckbutt' cover for the Air Force 1, also inbound to Lajes (see below)

Air Force One 39n 15w 19:49 F310 39n 20w 20:18 ETA Lajes 20:50 and ETB Lajes 21:10, wind 035/32, outside temp' -44°C
Please relay to AFOC (Air Force Operations Centre) and Andrews Airways. Also, request a 'phone patch to 833-5310, for Mr. Waters at the Associated Press desk.

USAF Presidential flight, VC-137C, 72-7000 returning Stateside with President R. Nixon

TWA 8733 STG/Santiago 20:29 41.57n 15w 21:10 F390 41n 20w next, ETA Lajes 22:35

Trans World Airlines, B.707-331BA-H, N8733 with support for the Presidential party. Position relayed via MAC 50266, (65-0266 C-141A) who was ETA Lajes 22:15.

SAM 86971 also called Lajes with no response.

Special Air Mission C-137B, 58-6971, also part of the Presidential party.

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