31 December 2012

9th June 1975

F-XCYC request oceanic clearance to descend to 1,000' over Ocean Station 'K' and then will accept F090 for my return flight. We are in excellent VMC and in sight of 'K'. 46.20n 10w 21:38 F080 climbing F090 46.45n 08w 22:06

French Navy, SP-2 Neptune from 25 Flotille, Lorient

RESIN 66 44n 13w 20:56 operating in reserved airspace F200 43n 15w 21:21 40n 20w 22:34 40n 16w 23:17

USAF, type (?)

N10XY 19n 40w 21:01 F390 19n 50w 22:21

Occidental Petroleum, Gulfstream 2, N10XY

CUB 471A 36.30n 15w 23:19 F160 36n 20w 00:06

Cubana , Il-18/Britannia (?)

CUB 470 35.40n 50w 23:55 F290 climbing F370 36.48n 40w 00:51

Cubana, Il-62

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