27 March 2013

6th February 1979

VVV LV16 advised Loring Airways that he monitored a conversation on the international emergency frequency 2182 but nothing on VHF or UHF. Saw ships in his area whilst at F270. Suffering moderate turbulence and rain showers. Loring will advise the Coastguards.

We are declaring an emergency at 22:58, est' 35n 62.30w 23:20, with 60,000 lbs of fuel. We are a P-3 aircraft with 20 souls on board. Our heading is 255° magnetic and the nature of our emergency is a warning light on #3 engine which we have now shut down. Our ETA Bermuda is 00:00, request F250 and do not request any intercept. Will require emergency equipment at Bermuda.

Your frequencies for Bermuda are 132.2 VHF and 363.8 UHF.

35.40n 61.50w 23:16 F250 ETA Bermuda 00:06, in contact with Bermuda at 23:30 and 'thank you Loring, for your assistance'

U S Navy, P-3 Orion with engine problems.

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