24 April 2013

10th October 1979

Air Force Rescue 60220 'J' 06:52 F100 35.43n 34.58w 08:01, please call Lajes back before you go operational and try to use this frequency (5610) as your operational frequency. Request descent at 34.53n.
AF 60220 request you call the command post and see if SAR 09 is airborne? Yes, SAR 09 off Lajes at 06:55; please make your primary 4746 with 6750 as secondary.

Air Force Rescue 95820 calling Lajes on 4746, Lajes transmission was breaking up.

USAF, HC-130P's, 66-0220 and 69-5820 with 67 ARRS.
On a rescue mission with local support from Lajes (SAR = Search and Rescue) 09 (type ?)

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