22 November 2013

2nd September 1980

MAC 00466 52n 30w 06:32, F330 53n 20w 07:15, then 53n 15w, SNN, ETA Ramstein 09:35, wind 260/60, outside temp -50°C

USAF, C-5A, 70-0466

KING 23 departed Woodbridge 07:00, EGPX FIR 07:55, F170, DGR (53.39n 01.30e) direct to 55n 01.12e. 56.38n 003.19e 08:21, then orbiting at 57.18n 003.43e. On a search exercise, do not know our co-ordinates as yet, our destination is ENZV (Stavanger, Norway), now in contact with Bodo Radar.

USAF, HC-130 (working Croughton Airways on 6750)

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