22 November 2013

3rd September 1980

EAGLE 01 departed Lajes 05:40, 37n 40w 07:53 F230 36n 45w 08:46, 35n 50w next, ETA Jacksonville NAS 14:50

EAGLE 05 departed Lajes 05:53, 37n 40w 07:58 F290 36n 45w 08:46, ETA Jacksonville NAS 14:00

Two US Navy, P-3's working MacDill Airways on 6750

AMBY 11 flight 36.47n 50w 11:31 (turning point), 39n 67w 08:41, 35.21n 64w next
ATC request AMBY 15's time for Lajes? AMBY 15 ETA Lajes 1547 with 12 receivers.

USAF, KC-135's with 12 x F-15's on exercise "Coronet Sight" (working MacDill Airways on 6750)

BEFIT 03 departed Mildenhall 10:51, ETA Orland, Norway 14:00 with one forklift and then on to Ramstein. Mission symbol 781. On a 'Phone Patch to PHANTOM 85 (European ALCC Centre).

USAF, C-130 with support equipment for pending "Coronet Staff" deployment of eight A-7's to Norway on 8th September.

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