3 December 2013

10th February 1981

DOVE 61 16.20n 85w 23:22 F310 requesting F350, Swan Island (17.41n 83.92w) 23:34, MUHA (Habana/Jose Marti, Cuba) 23:54 DEANO 23:58 GUAMA (just off the Havana/Central America FIR's) 00:07. Please relay to CABOB (DSN 781-5555 - Barksdale AFB) and ORTHO (DSN 739-5555 - Carswell AFB) that we are "Ops normal" at 23:30.

USAF, RC-135 or similar ELINT operation(?) working MacDill on 8993 and Albrrok on 11176/11246.
[If anyone can identify the type I would appreciate it!]

BB 654 37n 15w 00:17 F310, Mach .80, SelCal FMAC, requesting oceanic clearance to Barbados

Balair, DC-8-63, HB-IDZ, working Santa Maria on 5610

[Photo: HB-IDZ at Zurich on 28/09/1985 © Derek Gaynor]

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