15 January 2014

2nd May 1981

TV 869 52n 15w 13:16 F310, request track 'C' as we are unable to contact Clearance on 127.65 VHF.

Your clearance to KJFK is on OTS (Organised Track Structure) 'C', 52n 15w, 52n 20w, 51n 30w, 50n 40w, 49n 50w, VYS at F310, Mach .81; request F330 at 52n 20w.

Transamerica, DC-8-63CF, N4869T, working Shanwick on 8889

BN 601 50n 20w 12:41 F330 49n 30w 13:30 48n 40w next, fuel remaining 212,000 lbs, outside temp' -53°C, wind 352/34

Braniff International Airways, B.747 from London/Gatwick to Dallas, working Shanwick on 8889

TV 864 50n 20w 12:58 F330 49n 30w 13:49 48n 40w next, SelCal DMFJ

Transamerica, DC-8-63CF, N4864T, working Shanwick on 8889

KING 30 46n 15w 13:17 F250 48n 10w 14:10, 49n 08w 14:37, LND/Lands End next

USAF, HC-130, 69-5830 returning to the UK.

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