28 March 2014

4th October 1981

GULL 23 Clearance to Lajes, via 37n 15w, 38n 20w, BRAVO, GP, at F200, TAS 290kts

USAF, WC-130 (working Santa Maria on 5610)

AZ 564 departed Lisbon 21:33 41n 15w 22:08 F310, Mach .82, 41n 20w 22:38, FL 23:43, 34n 40w , then 27n 50w, 23n 55w, SelCal CJAB

Alitalia, DC-10-30, I-DYNO (working Santa Maria on 5610)

CUB 477 45n 13w 21:47 F310, 47n 20w 22:30, 49n 30w 23:27, request oceanic clearance and F350

Shanwick advised flight NOT to enter oceanic area without a clearance! CUB advised that clearance was received from Madrid at 21:49 to 13w, we do not have oceanic clearance beyond this point, do you have it for us now?
Clearance received to Gander, via 45n 13w, 47n 20w, 49n 30w, 49n 40w, 49n 50w, PT at F350, Mach .80
Shanwick later reverted and advised that neither Lisbon or Madrid gave you clearance. CUB advised that they were expecting clearance from Santa Maria !

Cubana, Il-62 (working Shanwick on 5610)

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