31 March 2014

8th October 1981

N707GB PRISS/(31.56n 68.11w) 22:10 F390 DANER/(35.16n 69.04w) 22:39, FLANN/(38.20n 69.57w) 23:03, destination KJFK/New York

Arrow Air, B.707-338C, N707GB (working New York on 11367)

This aircraft rolled off the Renton production line on 21st December 1964 and firstly served with Quantas as VH-EBN "City of Parramatta". It was configured for mixed passenger/cargo with a forward cargo door and divided forward cabin for extra cargo space. Later sold to Singapore Airlines in September 1974, as 9V-BFW and then sold to International Air Leases, FL as N707GB in April 1981. Painted in Arrow Air colours in July 1981 and leased to TAMPA Colombia in April 1983, registered as HK-3030. Impounded at Miami by US Customs for carrying cocaine in June 1983 and returned to Arrow Air, when it was re-registered N707GB. Sold to Skymaster Airlines, Brazil in November 1998 and registered as PT-WSZ. Subsequently stored in November 1998 and advertised for sale; currently wfu at Sao Paulo.

[Photo: with Arrow Air in March 1983 © Bob Garrard]

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  1. Hi Colin,

    I saw N707GB in Miami just five days earlier and it still retained it's basic Singapore Airlines colours (as in Bob's photo). As you know I have used N707GB in my email address as a tribute!