4 April 2014

9th October 1981

TOP 49 on 'phome patch to Mildenhall Command Post: "ETB MIldenhall 10:30, with 27 pax' and one baggage pallet, A2 for autopilot"

TOP 31 48n 10w 10:03 F230 49n 08w 10:22, LND/Lands End next, ETB (Mildenhall) 11:40, with 5 pallets, outside temp' -24°C

TOP 74 40n 60w 21:21 F250 40.30n 55w 22:02, 41n 50w 22:37, outside temp' -38°C, wind 265/100

IVORY 19 60.30n 15w 09:56 F220 61n 20w 10:27, 61n 25w 10:59, 61n 30w next, wind 160/15

A section of the regular "B" rotation of C-130's to/from Mildenhall
["TOP" eastbound and "IVORY" westbound]

AF 201 24.25n 50w 21:31 F560 climbing F590, 18n 59.16w 22:06, 15n 63.20w 22:22outside temp' -68°C, wind light and variable

Air France, Concorde, working San Juan on 8945 with a switch to 8847 (AM) at 15n

EU 1002 24n 40w 21:52 F330 26n 30w 23:02, Santa Maria/Canaries FIR 2339 at 26.30n 25w, TAS 470 kts

Ecuatoriana, B.707/DC-10 (?), working San Juan on 8945

SRS (Shannon Repair Service), Shannon was noted calling "Kingsnorth, UK" on 5645 with a message "not in any immediate danger" !!!

[No idea what this was about?]

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