14 June 2016

3rd April 1982

FAE 743 48.15n 10w 09:14 F220, 46n 15w 10:07, 45n 17w next, request weather at Lajes

Ecuadorian Air Force, C-130H, 743, working Shanwick on 5610

[This aircraft sadly crashed into a mountain 15 km from Marisal Sucre airport, near Quito, only 26 days later (29th April 1982), during a go around after a missed approach with the loss of all 7 POB]

VVV HAK1 departed Keflavik 06:05, 45n 26w 09:28 F270, 40.25n 26w 10:12, ETA Lajes 10:32

U.S. Navy, P-3 working Lajes Airways on 6750

N58937 30w 09:43, F370, 50n 20w 10:33, 50n 08w next

TAG Aviation, B.707-138B, N58937, working Shanwick on 8945

[This aircraft finally ended up with the Royal Moroccan Air Force, as CNA-NS and is stored (2008) wfu at Kenitra AB, Morocco]

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