Report structure

Most flight reports conform to the following structure:-
  • Aircraft Call-sign/Flight Number
  • First position report (Latitude/longitude) and time
  • Flight level, in three digit format, i.e. F250 = 25,000'
  • Estimated position and time
  • Next position and additional remarks related to the flight, e.g. point of departure, destination, etc.
  • SelCal (Selective Calling) code, a four character code/tone used to alert the flight that it needs to be contacted without having to maintain a constant HF listening watch.
Despite some of this traffic being outside the immediate North Atlantic area, all entries (except where stated) were logged by the author on HF. In the earlier years it should be appreciated that various stations worked the 'net', e.g. Shannon Aeradio, Prestwick, Paris, Iceland, Bodo, Madrid, Paris, London, Gander, Churchill, New York, Santa Maria, etc....hence this resulted in the 'out of NAT area' reports.

Please note that these reports are not all displayed in strict order of date logged but if you wish to view a particular period, please double-click your choice under 'Entries for Year/Month' on the RHS of the page.