22 November 2011

17th August 1964

CL 9720C 55n 15w 1322 F080 54n 20w 1412

Capital Airways L-1049G, N9720C

SB 123 51n 20w 2207 F180 51n 30w 2307 57n 40w 0005

Seaboard Western CL-44, N123SW

VVV 41328 15e 2227 F060

US Navy EC-121P, 141328 of VW-13, Argentia

RFR MECRP 48n 08w 2240 F430 48.32n 09.50w 2249 CLNC to 48n 09w, 49n 10w, 50n 08w, after 10w climb F450. Turning point at 49n 10w

RAF Vulcan/Victor on nav exercise

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