31 March 2022

11th February 1983

MAC 67953 41n 17w 22:43 F370 41n 15w 22:45, wind 353/55, outside temp -65

USAF C-141 66-7953 working Santa Maria on 5598

IVORY 37 41n 35w 22:50 F240, LIMA 23:28, FL (Flores) 23:33, GRA 00:04, wind 231/32, outside temp -33, contact Santa Maria on 132.15

USAF C-130 working Santa Maria on 5598

IVORY 70 54n 15w 08:08 F240 54n 20w 08:46, 54n 30w 09:55, wind 200/50, outside temp -37, relay AK2

USAF C-130 working Croughton Radio on 6750

MOURN 19 dep Lajes 06:40, ALPHA 06:xx, 20w 08:29, 45n 17w 09:04, 48n 10w 10:25 F270, ETA Mildenhall 12:45, request you send "Ops normal" report to FORMAN. Secured a 'phone patch to FORMAN and advised Mission # is GGN23A715041

USAF C-130 working Lajes on 6750

KITE 53 at 51.27n 26.27w F340, on 'Phone patch to Ramstein Command Post, relay AR3P, ETB Ramstein 12:00, 13,700 lbs of rolling stock, 73 pax and signature service required, tail # 00463

USAF C-5A, 70-0463 working Lajes and Croughton on 6750

IVORY 65 dep Mildenhall 08:33 ETA CYYR (Goose Bay) 16:25, Eagle Island 10:03, F180 54n 15w 10:32, 54n 30w 12:03

USAF C-130 working Croughton Radio on 6750

10th February 1983

KING 50 61n 12.34w 19:26, F220, LIMA 20:17, BIKF next

USAF, HC-130 enroute to Iceland, working Croughton Radio on 6750

OTIS 19 dep Cherry Point 13:51, 40.30n 40w 19:36, F210, 40n 35w 20:26, MIKE next, ETA LPLA (Lajes) 22:00

USMC C-130, working Lajes on 6750

KNOT 20 40n 40w 23:21 F250 39.48n 35w 00:12, 39.30n 31.41w next, wind 170/60, outside temp' -33, relay AA2

USAF C-130(?) working Lajes 6750

RRR4109 dep Dakar 23:30/35 ETA Ascension 04:25/35, crew 5, nil pax

Royal Air Force C-130, working Ascension on 8993

25 March 2022

30th January 1983

 DCN 2557 49.25n 07.19w 10:50 F260 49n 08w 11:04, 48.15n 10w 11:32, 46n 15w next, TAS 280kts

West German Navy, Atlantic working Shanwick on 5638

NULLO 02 on a 'phone patch to Alconbury Air Base, on Autovon DSN number 223-2203; advised we departed Torrejon (LETO) 11:35, ETA Ramstein 12:30, we lost oxygen, just now at a lower altitude but not declaring an emergency. NULLO 03 is about 30 mins behind us. Alconbury advised the flight that it is snowing at Alconbury but no accumulations expected today.

USAF, F-4s (?), working Croughton Radio on 11176

23 March 2022

28th December 1982

 VVV 50500 73n 09w 11:12, 75n 12w 11:37, 77n 08w next

U S Navy RP-3A 150500 (c/n 5026) "Project Birdseye/Artic Fox", VXN-8 Sqdn, working Croughton Radio on 11175

[Withdrawn from use October 1992 at NADEP, Jax and sold for scrap to TBZ Metal Co, Macon, GA]

Photo: © Doug Remington, taken at McChord AFB on 29/07/1982

18th December 1982

Falcon N50FJ 59n 20w 16:20 F430 60n 30w 17:18, 60n 40w next

Falcon 50 N50FJ working Shanwick on 8889

HZ-TAG 48n 30w 16:28 F410 climbing F430 48n 40w 17:39, 49n 50w 18:58

Cl-600S, HZ-TAG, TAG Aviation

[Photo: © EX/ZX Collection, taken at Geneva]

WILEY 18 NOVEMBER 17:22 F240 OSCAR 17:44, 41n 35w 18:35

USAF C-130 (?) working Santa Maria 8889

15 March 2022

12th January 1965

Fairline 602 departed Vagar, Faroe Islands 11:58, F075

Also copied on the following dates that year:-

4th April: KK601 at Sumburgh 11:05, F095, destination Stavanger

1st July: Faroe 601 ETA Vagar 16:05, F060

All flights were operated by the Faroe Airways D.H. Heron, OY-DPO.

© via Robert Foden. OY-DPO taken at Kastrup in 1965

This Heron started life with Cambrian Airways Ltd as G-AOGU in 1956 and then to Sudflug in 1962 as D-CASI. Next it went to Dan-Fly in 1963 as OY-DPO and then to Faroe Airways in 1965, subsequently with Danish Aero Lease in December of that year, and later to Cimber Air and Executive Air Engineering Ltd, reverting to G-AOGU in 1967. Returned to the German register in July 1970, as D-CAHA with Bruno Hoffman, noted at Fairoaks, U.K. in 1973, prior to its new lease of life when it moved to Canada, acquired by the Saunders Aircraft Co, of Gimli, Manitoba and re-registered C-FJFH. This company specialised in converting Herons from a four piston engine aircraft to being powered by two turboprops. The fuselage was stretched and became known as the Saunders ST-27. However the project collapsed when the Manitoba government withdrew funding in 1976. It continued to operate with St. Andrews Airways, Winnipeg and Air Atonabee until it was scrapped in 1991.

© via Robert Foden. Showing it after the ST27 conversion.

13 March 2022

7th December 1982

VC 6410 62n 40w 14:00 F180, req' F200 61n 45w 14:41, 61n 50w next, SelCal GHAL

Canadian Air Force CC-130, 130326 working Iceland 8910

VC 756 61n 20w 15:38, F350 62n 30w 16:13, 61n 40w 16:50, 59n 50w next, outside temp' -61, wind 150/45

Canadian Air Force CC-137, working Shanwick on 8910

VVV LC81 37n 50w 16:43 F250 38n 45w 17:29, 39n 40w next

U S Navy P-3 working MacDill Airways on 13244