25 February 2020

20th November 1982

AF 10274 10w 13:10, blocking F220/270, 58n 20w 14:09, 56n 30w 15:05

USAF, KC-135, 61-0274 working Shanwick on 5610

RFR B4R 56n  10w 14:40, F200, dep EGQK 14:00 going operational in OAC at F50 or below, will listen out on 124.7 VHF for Shannon and will not enter the EINN FIR. Traffic in your area is Nimrod c/s "6EP".

RAF, HS.801 Nimrod working Shanwick on 5610

EI 6862 50n 08.30w 14:00, F290, 45n 08.30w 14:43, STG next, SelCal CHLM

Aer Lingus, B.737-248, EI-BEB working Shanwick on 5610

VV 31578 54n 12.55w 16:51, F130, 51n 10.47w 17:46

U S Navy, C-118B, 131578 NAS Keflavik, working Shanwick on 5673

19th November 1982

NP 733 52n 40w 21:46, F190, 53n 30w 22:30, outside temp' -44, GP 280kts, 53n 20w 00:08, 53n 15w next, destination (EINN) 01:25

Heavylift, Shorts Belfast, G-BEPE working Gander and Shanwick 5673

CFC 762 60n 30w 20:47, F330 clmb F350, 59n 40w 21:29, 57n 50w 22:10, LOACH 22:43, HADOCK 23:01, SelCal FMJK, contact Moncton Centre 132.4 VHF

Canadian Air Force, CC-137, 13702 working Gander 5673

GAF 5104 46n 08w 20:51, F220, 45n 11w 21:31, 44n 15w 22:19, 42n 20w next, outside temp' -30, wind 260/45

German Air Force, C-160, 51+04 working Shanwick 5673

HAG25 48.04n 15w 21:26, F200, 45n 13.45w 22:05, 43n 13w 22:29, 38n 11w next, req' F230.

USAF, C-130 (?), working Shanwick on 2987

24 February 2020

16th October 1982

RRR 4920 30n 20w 08:51, F250, 35n 19w 09:53, wind 080/10, outside temp' -28, departed Dakar, dest' EGDL (Lyneham); 40n 17w, 45n 14w, 49n 08w, LND, TAS 310kts.

Royal Air Force, C-130

USM 50218 39n 40w 08:53, F390, 37n 50w 10:10, 34n 60w next

USAF, C-141, 65-0218, working New York

RRR 2381 49n 08w 09:55, F390, 45n 14w next, departed Brize Norton, destination Dakar, LND 09:39, SelCal EGAJ

Royal Air Force, VC-10, XR806, working Shanwick on 8945

RRR 4496 49n 08w 09:36, F200, 45n 14w 10:55, wind 250/30, outside temp' -16, 40n 17w next, SelCal AJDF

Royal Air Force, C-130, XV203, working Shanwick on 8945

USM 70027 45n 26w 14:24, ALPHA next, wind 291/75, ouside temp' -46, ETA LPLA 15:35

USAF, C-141, 67-0027, working Lajes Airways on 13244

KING 58 at F250, FS 14:57, GS 15:25

USAF, HC-130, operating as 'Duckbutt' flight for undernoted deployment, working Santa Maria on 8945

DOXY 56 42.41n 10w 12:16, F200, 40.27n 20w 13:58, departed EGUN 09:19, ETA LPLA 15:16, STG11:58, 41.42n 15w 13:04, with 12 A-10's call-signs HOB11 and HOB22 flights, off LETO, all aircraft are into Lajes and the receivers are at F200.

USAF, KC-135 with 12 A-10s from 131TFS/Maine ANG, report relayed via HEADANCER 'B' (C-135), working Croughton Airways on 6750. This was 'Coronet Spur' part of the Autumn Forge deployment heading home from Yenischir Air Base, Turkey.

PORTA 98 37.18n 10.34w 11:12, F300, 38.52n 15w 11:45, wind 300/60, outside temp' -35, departed Zaragoza, ETA LPLA 13:21

USAF, C-135 (?) support for above deployment. Report relayed via HEADANCER 'A' (C-135), working Lajes Airways on 11271

10th October 1982

RRR 5068 56n 30w 10:46, F260, 55n 40w 11:48, wind 140/30, outside temp' -41, 53.40n 45w next, SelCal AJLM

RAF C-130, XV221, working Shanwick

PK-PJQ 46n 20w 12:46, F350, 47n 30w 13:52, 48n 40w next

Pelita Air Services, B.707, PK-PJQ, working Santa Maria. 
Subsequently transferred to the Indonesian Air Force as A-7002, then to Garuda as PK-GAU, back to the air force and finally N707LG with Omega Air Inc., finally broken up for spares at Bucharest in 2015.

USM 00453 46n 20w 13:09, F350, 46n 30w 14:21, wind 260/103, outside temp' -56, 46n 40w next

USAF C-5, 70-0453 working Santa Maria

N292BC 51n 20w 13:19, F370, 52n 15w 13:45, CRK next

Falcon 50, N292BC working Shanwick

N1010H 51n 20w 13:29, F390, 52n 15w 13:55, CRK next, SelCal JKAC
N1010G 51n 20w 13:35, 52n 15w 14:05, CRK next, SelCal JKAB

Two Lear Jet 36's, Texas Instruments, working Shanwick

5 December 2018

1st October 1982

DORIS 31 flight 56n 10w 13:08, blocking F260/270, 56n 20w 14:05, DORIS 31 ETB EGUN 17:55, DORIS 32 ETB EGUN 16:08, DORIS 31 returning at 30w at 14:59. Supporting RETRO 71/72 flight, departed Lakenheath 12:02, ETA Loring AFB 18:32

Two USAF KC-135s, supporting two F-15s westbound to the States.

AE 38090 57n 10w 13:14 F370 59n 20w 14:01, 59n 30w next

USAF Medivac C-141 Starlifter, 63-8090

TREAD 91 61n 09w 14:20 F270, 63.29n 14.36w 14:48, relay RED6

USAF RC-135?, working Croughton Radio on 9011

29th September 1982

Danish AF 313 00 long 22:14, F390, 64n 10w 22:57. 66n 20w next, endurance 05+36

Danish Air Force, Gulfstream III, F-313 working Iceland on 5624

3 December 2018

Book on the history of Birdlip communication centre - Revised Edition

Following the sell-out of my previous work on this topic, I have now (December 2018) published a revised, enlarged edition, containing 470 pages, with over 250 illustrations of this vital aeronautical communication complex.

Images of the book covers are show below (click to enlarge):-

This book is available from me at a cost of STG£30.00 (including p&p to all mainland U.K. addresses), PayPal accepted, via downrange@eircom.net 
Any questions regarding this new edition should be addressed to me via the above e-mail.