9 January 2024

18th March 1983

 TWA 704 55n 20w 07:53 F410, EGL (Eagle Island) 08:32, DUB next, outside temp' -52°, wind 260/48, aircraft number 17203

Trans World Airways, B.747SP, N57203 working Shanwick on 5616

[N57203 B.747SP at Milan in May 1984, photo credit: Caz Caswell]

KITE 53 52n 20w 08:03, F350, 52n 15w 08:25, CRK next, with a subsequent 'phone patch to Ramstein, (via Croughton Radio on 6750) advising Mission number ABA2R3P, with 17 pallets, ETB EDAR at 10:40.

USAF C-5 working Shanwick and Croughton

17th March 1983

MAC 38079 dep MKPA (St. Johns/Coolidge, Antigua) 23:20 14.38n 56w 00:17, F370, 06.25n 40w 02:33, 00.00n 30w 04:03, ETA FHAW (Wideawake/Ascension) 06:25, mission # AQA483

USAF C-141B, 63-8079 working Albrook, Panama on 8993

HAWK 03 61n 12.34w 16:42 F090 60n 10w 17:07 STN (Stornoway) next, call Scottish on 124.9 VHF or 324.4 UHF at 10w

US Army RV-1D Mohawk, 67-14262, working Shanwick on 5616, routing from Keflavik to Prestwick with two other OV-1D's, HAWK 01 = 67-18910 and HAWK 02 = 67-18902, all possibly destined for South Korea

EIN 9107 53n 15w 16:4- F180 53n 20w 17:29, 53n 30w next, position relayed via N1CC (B.727 from Stansted to Newark) as the EIN flight was having HF trouble on both transmitters.

Aer Turas Cl-44J EI-BGO on lease to Aer Lingus for cargo service, working Shanwick on 5616

[Credit: The author, at Deauville, France, displaying the swing tail]

HB-PGY 51n 30w 21:37 F090, 53n 25w 22:52, 53n 20w next, position relayed via Flying Tiger 005

PA-28, HB-PGY on delivery to Europe, via Shannon, working Gander on 5616

[Credit: Vin LK (via Flickr)]

N2494K 52n 40w 21:52, F090, 53n 35w 23:22, 53n 30w next

PA-28, N2494K on delivery to Europe, from Gander via Shannon then Rotterdam, by Globe Aero

MAC 59413 56n 20w 22:46, F370 56n 30w 23:44, 55n 40w next

USAF C-141B, 65-9413 from 438MAW

30 December 2023

6th March 1983

MAC 90021 55n 20w 11:12 F330 55n 10w 11:53 BEL next, wind 240/50, outside temp' -49°

USAF, C-5, 69-0021 working Shanwick

N106G 60n 10w 11:16 F350 61n 12.34w 11:34, LIMA next

Jet Star, N106G from Luton to Keflavik, working Shanwick on 8864

FT 007 49n 08w 11:24 F310 49n 20w 12:21, 49n 30w next, fuel remaining 185,000, SelCal BLCD

Flying Tiger Line, B.747, N805FT working Shanwick on 5616

[Started life with Delta as N9900 in 1971 and operated under several guises as N625FE, VR-HKC, N625PL, N709CK under which it was scrapped in 2015.]

HZ-NR2 49n 08w 12:03 F430 50n 20w 13:09, 51n 30w next Mach .80, SelCal AJGH

Gulfstream 3, HZ-NR2, from Paris, Le Bourget to Bangor, working Shanwick on 5616

5th March 1983

PHONO 55 blocking F220/270 from 14:31 till 17:50 in an area from 50n 08w to 45.10n 08.10w, we will be trailing an OSCAR wire antenna.

USAF EC-135? working Shanwick on 5616

IVORY 46 dep at 11:24, 52n 15w 15:11, F220 53n 20w 15:59, 54n 25w 16:43, 55n 30w next, eta Goose Bay 21:32

IVORY 48 52n 15w 15xx, F240 55n 20w 15:56, 55n 30w 17:22, 55n 35w 18:06, 55n 40w next, wind 290/22

IVORY 87 52n 15w 15:43, F240 53n 20w 16:28, 54n 25w 17:13, 55n 30w next wind 310/22, outside temp' -28°

Three USAF C-130's returning to the States, working Shanwick 5616 and Gander 13291

N895PA 50n 20w 16:33, F370, 50n 30w 17:26, 51n 40w next

American Overseas Airways, B.707-321B, N895PA working Shanwick on 5616

[Started life with PAA in 1969 and then moved to Skystar before AOA, re-registered N895SY in 1983 and served with multiple operators before being broken up in San Antonio, TX in 1989.]

[N895PA at Copenhagen © Jay Dee Kay, via Flickr]

N119R 57n 30w 16:45 F410, 57n 20w 17:24, 56n 10w next

R.J. Reynolds Industries, Gulfstream 2, N119R, from Gander to Zurich, working Shanwick on 13291

[Was w/o on 19/01/1990 after undershooting at Little Rock National, AR, as N46TE with Eastman Kodak Co.]

CFC 762 49n 20w 17:06 F330 49N 30w 17:58, 50n 40w next, req' F350, SelCal FMKL

Canadian Air Force, CC-137, 13704 working Shanwick on 13291

4th March 1983

MAC 90021 45n 13w 19:11 F350 46n 20w 19:50, 46n 30w next

USAF, C-5, 69-0021 working Shanwick on 5598

FXCXH 43.30n 13w, 42.10n 18w 21:00, F230, 41.30n 20w 2113, ALPHA 22:19, TAS 240kts

French Navy 12F, P2V-7 Neptune? en-route to The Azores, working Santa Maria on 5598

N790FA 43n 30w 20:06 F390 37n 40w 21:30, 29n 50w next

Lowa Ltd., B.707-138B, N790FA working Santa Maria on 5598

[N790FA at Basle in January 1985 © Irish251]

[Started life with Quantas as VH-EBB in 1959, then carried multiple identities including N790SA, D-ADAP, TC-JBN and N138SA under which it was w/o in an arson attack at Port Harcourt, Nigeria on 05/09/1998.]

GAF 5105 39n 20w 20:38 F220 BRAVO 21:29, B-RADAR next, wind 050/30, outside temp' -38°

German Air Force, C-160, 51+05 working Santa Maria on 5598

29 December 2023

26th February 1983

JW707E 62n 20w 11:47 F350 62n 30w 12:25, 62n 40w 13:03, 59n 50w next

Arrow Air, B.707-327C, N707ME, working Shanwick on 8864

[N707ME in April 1983 © Bob Garrard]

N777SW 52n 30w 12:03, F430, req' F450, 52n 40w 13-3, 52n 50w next, wind 253/57, outside temp -56°

Gulf- 3, N777SW from EGLL (London Heathrow) to CYQX (Gander), working Gander on 8864

SAM 24127 60n 30w 12:13 F350 59n 40w 12:57, 57n 50w next

Special Air Mission (USAF), C-135B, 62-4127 working Shanwick on 8864

TX12 61n 10w 1220 F210 61n 03w 13:00, going operational below CTA until 61n 03w at 17:00

U S Navy, P-3? working Iceland on 8864

VVV 50500 50n 18w, routing 50n 08w 16:25 to LND (lands End) at F230

U S Navy, RP-3A, 150500 from XVN-8 Squadron working Shanwick on 8864, switching to London on 265.7 UHF approaching 08W

20th February 1983

GAF 5106 Alpha 09:37, 43n 20w 10:50 F210 45n 16w 11:35, 49n 08w 13:03, LND next, outside temp' -33°, wind 210/20

German Airforce, C-160, 51+06 working Santa Maria on 5598

RFR 3NL dep St. Mawgan 10:25, 49n 08w 10:52, F280 46n 10.20w 11:22, 45n 11w 11:32, at 46n 11.20w descent to F200, ETA St. Mawgan 17:30

RAF, HS-801 Nimrod working Shanwick on 5598

AXI 121 52n 20w 10:50 F230 52n 15w 11:26, o/h EINN 12:08, SLY next

Air Express International, CL-44 working Gander on 5598

MAC 70510 ETA Howard AFB 03:00, est the Panama FIR at 07.26n 77.46w 234-, F220, requested a 'phone patch to DSN 284-5955 213 OPS (no answer)

USAF, C-130A, 57-0510 working Albrook on 8993. 

[later sold to the Mexican Air Force as 10610 (later re-serialed 3610), it was written-off when it crashed into Mount Hidalgo, 80km north of Mexico City on 17th September 1999 during a maintenance test flight]