23 November 2011

2nd January 1965

QF 581 51n 20w 1623 F330 49n 30w 1717 ETA MXKF/Bermuda 2115 SelCal DLBM

Quantas Airways B.707-138B, VH-EBM

Came off the Boeing production line as a Boeing 707-138B an the 29th of July 1964
First flew as VH-EBM on the 1st of September 1964, and was Registered to Qantas Empire
Airways Ltd and the aircraft was named 'City of Launceston'
Suffered undercarriage failure on take off from Perth Airport on the 6th of March 1965 when
the right rear axle on right hand undercarriage truck broke leaving wheel assembly hanging
by torque rod, but the aircraft landed safely and undercarriage was repaired
It operated its final revenue service for Qantas on the 1st of April 1968, and was then
withdrawn from use and stored without engines at Sydney Airport.
After over a year was sold to Braniff International in June 1969, and was entered onto the
U.S. Aircraft Register as N108BN
Was then withdrawn from use with Braniff and stored on the 20th of October 1973 and Sold
to Boeing Airplane Company nearly 2 years later in June 1975.
It was then sold to Tracy Investments Corp in September 1975, and then Sold to TAG
Aviation in Saudi Arabia in September 1977
In August 1981 it was again withdrawn from use but just over a year later returned to
Was in July 1990 reregistered as N707XX, then in October 1995 registered to Aviation
Then in May 1998 it was sold & registered to Jet Clipper Johnny LLC (John Travolta), then in December of that same year it was reregistered as N707JT

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  1. And it's still going strong in 2011, most recently playing a starring role in the TV series "Pan Am"!