23 November 2011

6th September 1964

VVV 50876 departed EGPK/Prestwick 1600 Stornoway 1711 F070 61n 10w 1823 F085 ETA BIKF/Keflavik 2100

US Navy C-54S, 50876

WFU and stored at MASDC, AZ in March 1971.  Sold
Dec 27, 1974 and registered as N62439.  In 1976 to Figorifico
Reyes and registered as CP-1206.  W/o when crashed after
takeoff at Rurrenabaque, Bolivia on March 24, 1984.  Right wingtip
struck trees, causing the aircraft to lose control and
crash into a forest.

OK 523 54n 20w 2222 F180 55n 30w 2353 SelCal FGBH

CSA Bristol Britannia, OK-MBB. [Photo: © Peter Fletcher]

Shamrock 105 56n 20w 1705 F350 56n 30w 1753
Company message:- analysis your track, time 56n 40w to Kennedy = 03+53hrs, TAS 460Kts, 1,645 nautical air miles, via 55n 50w direct CA/Cartwright direct PN/Port Menier direct PQI/Presque Isle direct BGR/Bangor direct BOS/Boston. Fuel required 17,200 on moderate reserve 1,600. Alternate Bradley, less holding 7,400. Total fuel required 40w to Kennedy, 26,200. FL 350, tropopause heights, zones 9-13 30,000', zone 14 32,000' and zone 15 40,000'

These were regular company messages sent over HF in those days by most airlines. The zones refer to weather sectors on the North Atlantic, each 5 degrees represented a zone, working west from Greenwich. The tropopause height is the boundary layer between the troposphere and the stratosphere, characterized by am abrupt movement in the temperature rate of change.

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