28 November 2011

8th January 1965

Clipper 14C 54.20n 30w 1039 F190 53n 40w 1150 outside temp -25C

Pan American DC-6B, N6114C "Clipper Northern Light",  C/n 44114, delivered to Pan Am on 6 March 1954. This DC-6 also few under the titles "Clipper Southern Cross", "Clipper Bonn" and "Clipper Kiln". Pan Am sold this DC-6 on 20 December 1967, to the Argentine Air Force, Serial Number TC-55. It crashed on 7 November 1968, near Mar del Plata, Argentina.

KL PCG 60n 20w 1247 F330 60n 30w 1320


SB 229 51.40n 30w 1254 F230 53n 20w 1345

Seaboard World Airlines, CL-44D-4, N229SW

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