1 December 2011

13th August 1964

TW 903 40n 20w 2045 F350 41n 30w 2133 ETA KJFK/New York 0300

Trans World B.707 en-route to New York

On the face of it a normal schedule, as according to TWA's timetable for the period, it was the regular Thursday flight from Madrid to New York, due into JFK at 2125. However, on reviewing the logs from Ballygirreen it seems that this flight was the subject of an "Alert A" (normally a alert due to communications problems, whereas "Alert B" is normally for mechanical issues), as issued by Prestwick at 1620.
The flight was over LUGO 1340 estimating 49n 20w 1501 and 49n 30w 1552. However at 1634 the flight diverted to Lisbon due to mechanical trouble. Obviously what I copied later that day was the delayed flight out of Lisbon. Aircraft identity not given.

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