23 December 2011

13th November 1965

VC 17508 53n 20w 1648 F100 54n 25w 1739 temp' -13C wind 150/10, endurance 10+35 ETA CYYR/Goose Bay 0035

Royal Canadian Air Force C-54GM, 17508.
This was the 15th Canadair C-4 built and delivered to the RCAF on 14/11/1947. It participated in the North Star stand-down ceremony at Trenton on 08/12/1965 (less than a month after my log entry). On 28/09/1966 it was sold to D.D.Allyn, reportedly for $18,000 and was re-registered CF-VLY and shortly afterwards stored at Sarasota, FL and subsequently broken up.

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