8 December 2011

17th April 1965

Air Force 72624 66.28n 00 1510 F085 66n 08w 1626 landing at Keflavik, requested the latest Keflavik and Prestwick weather.
Announced that he has a difficulty with the number four engine, an oil leak and request clearance direct to Prestwick at F085. The present position is 66.28n 00.08w 1510 turning for a direct heading to Prestwick. We are already at F085 and will descend to F080 to EGPK/Prestwick.
66.22n 02.30w 1533 F080 AB/Akraberg 1726, negative assistance required at this time. Please call Prestwick Rescue that our ETA is 1950. Ops normal at 1703, est AB/Akraberg 1722, Stornoway 1827.
At 1800 the flight changed to Scottish Centre.

USAF SC-54D, 42-72624

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