18 December 2011

19th September 1965

VC 20718 50n 08w 1215 F050 IFR routing SEZ(?) to VLN (Yeovilton) to BDN (Boscombe Down) to Northolt. ETA Northolt 1340

Royal Canadian Air Force 415 Sqdn Cl-28 Argus Mk.1, 20718. [What a sound this would have made in the clouds over the UK at 5,000'!]
This was the 9th Argus built and in March 1971 became the first Argus to exceed 10,000 hours. By the time it retired to Summerside in 1975, it had clocked up 13,386 hours and 4,635 landings.

CL 01V 51n 20w 1214 F130 52n 15w 1304 ETA Shannon 1355 temp' -5C

Capitol Airways L-1049H, N5401V

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