15 December 2011

1st August 1965

KS 281 departed Belfast 0905/10 ETA Paris/Le Bourget 1115

Saturn Airways DC-7C, N2281

World Wide 272R 59.20n 15w 1540 F080 62n 20w 1640
World Wide 271R 58n 20w 1829 F100 59n 30w 1954

World Wide Airways L-1049G's, CF-WWH and CF-PXX
The only other Super Constellation in this airlines fleet (CF-RNR) was in their hangar at Montreal, waiting a replacement engine.

[CF-PXX Photo: © Tony Clarke via David Whitworth]

Regrettably these were the final days for this airline, as its operating licence was revoked on 12th August 1965, due to 'unsatisfactory service', after several major delays were encountered. CF-WWH was subsequently transferred to its new operator, Nordair and CF-PXX was repossessed by its lessor, Eagle Aircraft.

N6378U 63.50n 30w 2050

Delivery flight (type?), monitored the following day at 61n 10w 1125 F075, having over-nighted in Iceland.

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  1. N6378U was an Aero Commander 680 (thanks to John Bigley for researching this)