22 December 2011

24th October 1965

G-APWA 58.45n 10w 1202 F150 BEN/Benbecula 1240 destination Luton. Requested the position for Ocean Station 'I' and also that they keep their beacon on for one hour.

G-APWA was probably the most famous Handley Page Dart Herald built as it was used as the demonstrator from 1959 to 1966, serving with Jersey Airlines from 1961 - 1962, BEA for a few months in early 1962, BUA from April 1962 - August 1963, Autair from August 1963 to February 1964 and the Royal Malaysian Air Force from February 1964 to October 1965.  Returned to Handley Page [probably refers to this log entry?] and it was leased to British Midland from April until September 1966.  In November 1966 it was sold to Sadia Brasil and passed to TransBrasil in 1972.  Leased to TABA in 1975 it was stored in Sao Paulo in 1976.  Sold to British Air Ferries in August 1976 it was stored at Southend in 1982.  Sold to Panavia Air Cargo in 1985 it was transferred to General Aviation Spares in 1986 and withdrawn.  From 1993 it has been preserved at the site of the old Woodley airfield by the Herald Preservation Society/Berkshire Aviation Museum strangely, given its history, in the BEA red square scheme.

SKYCOP 3 51n 20w 1711 F310 descending F280. Ocean Station 'J' picked up flight on bearing of 180 degrees at 65 nautical miles. Position of 'J' at 1710 was 52.34n 20.13w.

[Any ideas on operator/aircraft type?]

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