9 December 2011

27th June 1965

CL 5076N 61n 15.40w 2115 F085 LAX intersection 2233

Capitol Airways C-46F on lease to Luthansa, N5076N [Photo: taken at Prestwick probably around the date I copied this flight on HF, © Ken Marshall via Neil Aird]

VVV 49667 70n 02w 2143 F055

U S Navy P-3A, 149667. This was the 8th production P-3 built (c/n 5008) and later was converted to an RP-3A with VXN-8 - Project Seascan, "El Coyote" and visited Shannon as such in April 1979.

FI 201 65n 30w 2128 F070 64.26n 25w 2220

Icelandair C-47A, TF-ISA
This aircraft was later written-off at Danmarkshavn, Greenland on 23/02/1967

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