28 January 2012

21st July 1966

Lockheed 4141A departed Montreal 1323 54n 30w 1732 F370 54n 20w 1823 ETA destination (France) 2045

Lockheed Corporation C-141-300, N4141A
The USAF approved Lockheed procuring this 110th C-141 Starlifter off the assembly line in order to demonstrate its capability as a commercial cargo carrier. Its first test flight took place on 04/05/1966 and the first cross country was on 23/05/1966 to O'Hare for a cargo symposium. However by July 1968 it became apparent that there was not enough interest in commercial use of the C-141 and so after 704 flight hours it retired. However, in late 1970 NASA was looking for a large four engined aircraft to install a large telescope for high altitude astronomy. A NASA paint scheme was applied and it flew a four hour test flight on 31/01/1972, as N714NA (re designated a NC-141A). On the 25/04/1973 it was again retired at Moffett Field, with 791 hours on the airframe.
In 1974 it gained a new lease of life, as the Gerard P. Kuiper Airborne Observatory, with serious high altitude flights, up to 45,000'.
It was finally laid to rest in 1995, being preserved at Mountain View, Moffett Field, CA, where it presently remains.

Trans Caribbean 83R 52n 20w 1821 F310 52n 30w 1957 ETA McGuire AFB 2341

[Photo: © Ken Marshall, Prestwick 10/09/1967]

Trans Caribbean Airways DC-8-54F, N8783R

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