17 January 2012

30th May 1966

GAF 024 52.35n 15w 0801 F150 ETA Shannon 0859 outside temp' -7C wind 130/20 endurance 06+15

West German Air Force DC-6A, CA+024
This aircraft started service with SABENA as OO-CTM in 1954 and the WGAF re-serialled it to 13+02 in January 1968.

OA 06 52n 20w 0948 F310 50n 30w 1037

Olympic Airways B.707-348C, SX-DBB 'City of Corinth'

N836D over- head STU/Strumble 1230 F120 ETA Shannon 1310 53n 20w 1820 F080 52.36n 25w 1908 ETA Gander 31/0020

[Photo: © Malcolm Nason, taken Shannon July 1967]
Nomads Inc DC-7B, N836D
This machine was delivered to Eastern Air Lines in January 1958 and in 1966 it was purchased by Nomads Travel Club. By 1971 Nomads had replaced this with a Lockheed Electra and so N836D was bought by the Twentieth Century Travel Club in 1972. It remained grounded for over 32 years until it made a ferry flight from St. Paul's to Atlanta on 7th August 2004, to enable completion of its restoration back to its Eastern Air Lines status. This was completed on the 4th July 2010, when N836D flew again with Eastern titles out of Opa-locka, FL. (see below):-

[Photo: © Roger Jarman]
RD 109 57n 20w 0930 F330 57n 10w 1011; message # 1 from your company at Amsterdam, timed 0835 - winds from 30w to Frankfurt at F330, 30w/20w 210/20, 20w/10w 230/20, 10w/OTR (Ottringham) 350/20 and OTR/Frankfurt 360/35, temp' -53C

The flight was later copied on it's return leg from Frankfurt at, 54n 20w 1819 F310 54n 30w 1900

[Photo: © Jochen Beeck, taken Long Beach, CA, early '60's]

Airlift International DC-8-54F, N109RD

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