9 February 2012

21st April 1968

There follows a 'Shackleton Fest'" over the next two days, on frequency 8947:-

RFR MTTGY departed EGQK/Kinloss 0935 58.40n 07.18w 1050 1,000' (FIR) 56.50n 10w 1140 54.25n 12.37w 1245 52.15n 14.56w 1345 50.05n 16.55w 1445 47.55n 18.43w 1545 ETA LPLA/Lajes 2015

RFR MAVJW 50.26n 16.40w 1130 1,000' 47.25n 18.56w 1230 45.10n 20.50w 1330 45n 21w 1340 ETA LPLA/Lajes 2030

RFR MBSHY 50n 17w 1213 1,000' 47.40n 18.50w 1315 45n 21w 1430 ETA LPLA/Lajes 1739

These three RAF Shackleton's were enroute to CFB Greenwood, NS for possible onwards routing to Patuxtent River NAS, to participate in an exercise. They are picked up again to-morrow (see next days report) along with others on the same routing.

RFR MTTGM departed EGQB/Ballykelly, Oceanic FIR inbound at 1100, 1,000' FIR outbound 1205 ETA LXGB/Gibraltar 1600

RFR MATBN departed EGQB/Ballykelly 0625 45n 12w 1130 1,000' FIR 42.40n 11.57w 1228 42.30n 12w 1234 39.34n 11.58w 1325 37.37n 11.13w 1425 Lisbon FIR 36.09n 07.23w 1525 ETA LXGB/Gibraltar 1612 (flight was working Madrid on 8947)

These were two of three 204/210 Squadron RAF Shackleton's (WL800/J, WL755/L and WL745/O) that were enroute to the Mediterranean for exercise "Dawn Patrol".

[Shackleton, WL745]

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