9 February 2012

22nd April 1968

The "Shackleton Fest'" continues from the previous day:-

RFR MTBJK Departed St. Mawgan 50n 08w 0833 1,000' 49n 10w 0909 45n 16w next destination Lajes, heading 225 degrees.

RFR MCZHA 50n 08w 0908 1,000' VMC 49n 10w 0944 45n 16w 1205 43n 20w 1335 destination Lajes. We estimate to depart Lajes to-morrow at 0930 for CYZX/CFB Greenwood, NS at F060.

RFR MBSHY departed Lajes 0915 OSCAR 0948 2,000'

RFR MSLCY departed St. Mawgan 0900 50n 08w 0944 1,000' 47.40n 12w 1101 46.20n 14w 1145 45n 16w 1231 44n 18w 1309 43n 20w 1350 40n 22w 1432 ETA Lajes 1625. Please note that our briefing time to-morrow is 0845 with an ETD from Lajes of 1000, destination CYZX/CFB Greenwood, NS at 1,000'

RFR MAVJW 42.40n - 1103 42.40n 45w 1205 ETA CYZX/CFB Greenwood, NS 1725

RFR MTBJX our briefing time at Lajes was 0702, with a departure of 0900 45n 16w 1134 1,000' 43n 20w 1256 40n 25w next destination CYZX/CFB Greenwood, NS

RFR MTTGW was also called by Santa Maria but no position report or response was noted.

These RAF Shackleton's were enroute to Canada for a possible further routing to Patuxtent River NAS. Some extra machines joined yesterdays flight.

RRR 5551 38.43n 15w 105- 080 38.40n 20w 1203 ETA Lajes 1405

Possibly a RAF Transport Command support flight for this mission

RFR MTTGH departed LXGB/Gibraltar 0802 42n 10w 1119 1,000' 45n 09.22w 1216 48n 08.20w 1317 49n 08w 1340 ETA EGDG/St. Mawgan 1440

RFR CIG36 47.15n 10w 1130 1,000' 45n 12w 1243 ETA St.Mawgan 1705

RFR MPJBN departed LXGB/Gibraltar 0855 42.20n 11w 1253 1,000' 45n 11w 1400 47n 15w 1539 ETA EGDG/St. Mawgan 1900

These three RAF Shackleton's were returning to base from a deployment in the Mediterranean.

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