11 March 2012

13th February 1969

N96 63n 18.40w 1831 F350 61n 14w 1821 VM/Vestmannaeyjar next, ETA Keflavik NAS 1846

Federal Aviation Administration Boeing 717-148 (C-135K), N96. (It was earlier noted at Goose Bay on 7th January 1969.)

Built under the USAF serial 59-1518, this aircraft was delivered to the USAF on October 19, 1960, the same day it was transferred to the FAA, registered N96 and named "Ol' Smoky". Together with N98 it served with the FAA checking air routes and navigation aids throughout the USA.

It was returned to the USAF in 1976, and converted to one of only three EC-135K "Head Dancer" command posts, the other two conversions were 55-3118 and 62-3536. All three were operated by the 8th Tactical Deployment Control Squadron.

In 1996 59-1518 was converted to C-135K and assigned as a VIP transport to the 15th Air Base Wing, 65th Airlift Squadron, Hickham AFB, Honolulu, Hawaii. It was retired March 7, 2003 and flown to the AMARC in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, where it can be seen on "Display Row" (also known as "Celebrity Row").

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