24 March 2012

21st April 1969

WGAF 5332 44.37n 05.43w 1316 F070 44n 09w 1419

WGAF 5307 departed LFRS/Nantes 44.37n 05.43w 1300 F070 44n 09w 1400 destination LPBJ/Beja, Portugal

WGAF 5283 50n 10w 1304 F080 44.37n 05.43w 1340 44n 09w 1454

Three West German Air Force Nord 2501's, 53+32, 53+07 and 52+83 en-route from Nantes, France to Beja, Portugal

F-XCWF 42n 10w 1331 F090 43n 10w 1350

French Navy P-2V Neptune, from 23 Flotille based at Lann-Bihoue. Serial unknown but unit used call-signs in range F-XCWA/F-XCWZ.

F-ZBCB 44.55n 07.20w 1240 F200 Santa Maria FIR at 42.34n 13w 1402

French Air Force DC-7C, 45367/85-CB
In December 1978 it was sold to GCA and re-registered N90251; it ended up with Brooks Fuel Inc, AK in February 1995 and was withdrawn from use at Fairbanks, AK, as noted by the author in September 2004 (see below):-
[Photo: © Malcolm Nason]

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