24 March 2012

4th April 1969

N8711Y departed CYQX/Gander, passing 32 nautical miles north of Ocean Station 'C' 0827 F190 heading 051 degrees 52n 45w 0612 52n 40w 0712 53n 25w 1022 20w 1130 destination Shannon

PA-30 (?) on delivery N8711Y. The 25w report was received via Ocean Station 'J'.
The flight was heard the previous day (3rd April) with an ETA for Gander of 2347 on 5624.

N6850Y 53n 25w 0620 F130 53n 20w 0715 destination Shannon

Piper Aztec on delivery, N6850Y

FloAir 226 from Gander to Shannon over Ocean Station 'J' 1353 F110 endurance 2 +/- hours.

Cessna 401A on delivery, F-BRIV

WD 01 departed Prestwick 0754/0804 59n 10w 1023 F100 61n 14w 1153 60n 20w 1248 ETA Keflavik 1351

Wardair Ltd., Bristol Freighter Mk.31, CF-WAG.
This machine had previously routed to Prestwick from Lasham and was noted on the 2nd April making ILS runs at Hurn from Weston. It was delivered to the Royal Canadian Air Force on 15th July 1955 as 9700 and this report records its delivery from Europe to Wardair Ltd. It was subsequently damaged beyond repair on 3rd May 1970, at Great Slave Lake, near Snowdrift, NWT, Canada when it fell through the ice and could not be recovered.

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