19 April 2012

18th April 1970

VC 20719 56n 10w 1415 F070 Barra Head  direct Inverness direct RAF Kinloss, ETA 1515. At 10w call 124.7 VHF

Canadian Air Force CL-28 Argus, 20719

OT-CDC departed Brussels 1300 F130 ETA LEMG/Malaga 1740. Message relayed by London to Madrid on 8913

Belgian Air Force DC-6C, KY-3

F-XCXH 48.15n 08w 1557 F220 48.30n 10.45w 1629 48n 12w next. Cleared to descend to operational height and report passing F055. At 1645 passed F055 and cleared to leave frequency. Will call again in one hour.

French Navy 24 Flotille, Breguet 1150 Atlantic

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