14 April 2012

18th November 1969

F-RAFA 47n 10w 1018 F310 45n 17w 1052 44n 20w 1109 ETA MFFF/Fort-de-France, Martinique 1715

French Air Force DC-8-55F, 45-820 with Esc 3/60

Subsequently served with Air Charter Systems of Canada as C-FIWW in September 1989 and later as 9G-MKF, S9-PSD before being withdrawn from use in 2010 as 9Q-CHL with Hewa Bora Airways.

MAC 40633 ZMR/Zamora 1015 STG/Santiago 1037 F350 descending F280 45n 13w 1105 46.30n 20w 1141 destination Dover AFB

United States Air Force C-141A Starlifter, 64-0633.
This aircraft ended its days at the AMARG, AZ in September 2004, where it was allocated inventory code CR0220

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