26 April 2012

19th December 1970

VVV 31599 59n 10w 0928 F170 60n 14w next

[Photo: at RAF Mildenhall, UK in 1971, © Steve Burland]

U S Navy C-118B, 131599
This aircraft ended its service life after it finally served with their unit at Guantanamo, arriving at the AMARG, AZ in June 1977, where it was assigned an inventory code of '8C018'.

RFR KXE11 departed RAF Kinloss 0900 61n 02w 0935 F290 65n 00 1008 at 70n 02w will descend to F180 in the operational area.

RAF HS.801 Nimrod

N121CN 59n 10w 1036 F390 61n 14w 1100

Jetstar, N121CN

SIMBAD 36 60n 10w 1128 F200 61n 13w 1152  destination Keflavik

USAF type (?)

WD 935 departed EGPK/Prestwick 1200/04 59n 10w 1247 F350 62n 20w 1329 ETA Toronto 1910 SelCal EFJM, wind 230/85 outside temp' -54C

[Photo: London, Gatwick, 1970 © Charlie Stewart]

Wardair Canada Ltd B.707-396C, CF-ZYP   "W.R. Wop May"
This aircraft was later seized from Montana Austria by the US Justice Department in May 1981 after drugs were found, whilst registered OE-IDA. In July 1985 it was modified to C-137 specification and handed over to the USAF. Subsequently converted to an E-8C 'Joint Stars' by 2003 and re-serialled 00-2000.

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