14 April 2012

19th November 1969

LANKY 56 51n 20w 1016 F330 51n 15w 1039 destination EGYM/RAF Marham. At 15w contact Shannon on 243.0 UHF

USAF B-52 (?). Interesting that Shannon operated a UHF channel at that time.

PECAJ departed Keflavik 1134 GOLF F190 61n 13w 1255 60n 10w 1319 ETA Lossiemouth 1420

Royal Netherlands Air Force F-27-300M, C-10
Possible return flight for that logged on the 7th ?

VC 20723 66.40n 00 1231 F090 67.10n 11.30e 1359 requested weather for Bodo for 1400/1500 and Stavanger for 1300/1400

Canadian Air Force CL-28 Argus Mk.2, 20723

D-IKUS 61n 13w 1240 F230 60n 10w 1303

W. Karmann GmbH, SA-26 AT Merlin, on delivery, D-IKUS (ex N4260X)

RFR MTTMF departed RAF Waddington 1233 55.58n 06.10w 1320 F430 57n 10w 1348 58n 20w 1428 59n 30w 1514 ETA Goose Bay 1753 Mach .84

Royal Air Force Vulcan/Victor (?)

N6993Y 53n 30w 1347 F110 53n 25w 1444 endurance 6hrs 30min, position relayed via TWA 771
Message passed to Ocean Station 'J' from Prestwick Oceanic, requesting that they keep their NDB operating between 1440 and 1640 as N6993Y is estimating 53n 20w 1538

Piper PA-23-250D Aztec on delivery, N6993Y

N1037V 58n 40w 1422 F120 descending to F080 55.45n 45w 1528 53n 50w 1651 destination Gander

Aero Spacelines B-377MG Mini Guppy, N1037V
[Note the elapsed times to cover every five degrees!]
This aircraft started life with Pan American World Airways as a standard Boeing Stratocruiser, "Clipper Fleetwing" in 1949. It was later bought by Aero Spacelines in 1963 and converted to a Mini Guppy using parts from N411Q (Transocean Air Lines), that first flew on 24th May 1967. It was titled "The Spirit of Santa Barbara". In 1981 it was re-registered as N422AJ with American Jet Industries and later, in 1981 as N422AU. It ended its days with Erickson Air Crane in 1989 and was finally stored at their museum in Tillamook, Oregon (see image below). 

[Photo: at Tillamook Air Museum on 11th October 2006, © author]

Interestingly, it was noted at London Heathrow on 5th November 1969 (a few days before my report) after delivering a new nose section to a TWA Boeing 707-331B (N776TW) that was damaged following a hijack attack at Damascus, while en route from Rome to Athens on 29th August 1969 as TW840.

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