8 April 2012

1st July 1969

OV-JBN 56.50n 05e 0843 climbing F080 to F085 57.04n 02e 0931 57.10n 00 1002 destination EGQS/RAF Lossiemouth 1110 endurance 05+30 outside temp' +8C

Royal Danish Air Force C-47A, K-683
Originally marked 68-683 with the RDAF and retired from their service in 1982, when it became N3239W, later N5211A and finally N1944A with Wings Venture in 1997. It was ferried from the UK to Oshkosh in 2011, via Wick, Scotland (27th July), Reykjavik (28th-30th July) and Oshkosh (4th August).

PAMIG 51n 10w 1025 F080 15w 1135 overhead Ocean Station 'J' 1232. In contact with OS'J' on VHF (126.7) and closing down this frequency (5624), will call again when returning.
Message from OS'J' later "...also found the second container". PAMIG est 51n 08w 1509 and to call London on 124.75 VHF.

Netherlands Navy SP-2H on a mail supply drop to Ocean Station 'J'.

PH-MAS 58n 10w 1009 F310 61n 20w 1057 63n 30w 1136 SelCal DFHM

Martinair DC-8-55CF "Sydney", PH-MAS

N6900 61n 15w 1033 F070 58n 10w 1156

Delivery (?), type (?)

RFR MPDXE 57n 10w 1157 F080 60n 15w 1312 61n 16.46w next SelCal FHAG

Royal Aircraft Establishment H.P. Hastings C.2, WJ327.
(Later struck off charge in May 1973)

Universal 802U 56n 20w 0846 F280 56N 30w 0936

Universal Airlines DC-8-61CF, N802U
This company was formed in 1966 following the take-over of Zantop Air Transport, whose operations ceased in 1972 when the company went bankrupt. N802U later went on to serve with Overseas National Airlines as N868F and Flying Tiger Line as N868FT.

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