11 April 2012

20th October 1969

VV 52141 61n 09w 1705 F230 STN/Stornoway 1736

US Navy P-3A, 152141

JW-BWB 66n 00 1953 F240/250 Jan Mayen 2117 70n 00 2147 destination Bodo

Royal Norwegian Air Force C-130H, 68-10953/BW-B 335 Sqdn

AF 33303 61n 12.37w 2148 F120 63n 18.40w 2243 destination Keflavik 2320

[Photo: at Liverpool, UK 15th June 1967 © Ken Fielding]

USAF VC-118A, 53-3303
This was the longest serving USAF European based C-118 (with 7101st ABW Chievres, HQ SHAPE) and ended its days at the AMARG, AZ in August 1977 where it was assigned an inventory code of 'CG086'


  1. I flew co=pilot on this plane in 1967-68 in Paris and Mons Belgium.

  2. Hi David, Thanks for your comment. I assume you are referring to 53-3303. Apologies for the delay in posting this (due holidays) but I appreciate your feedback.